“I Always Wanted To Play The Piano” (An Online Piano Class)

“I Always Wanted To Play The Piano” (An Online Piano Class)

“I Always Wanted To Play The Piano” (An Online Piano Class)

Hampton Academy of Music, Dance, and Drama is happy to announce the addition of online piano instruction to its curriculum. The instruction offered is presented in a class-type setting.

What is the online piano class?

Hampton Academy’s piano online class offers instruction in note reading, counting, how to use proper fingering, and other skills necessary for providing a solid musical foundation.

Who are online piano lessons for?

Online lessons are for adults!

Advantages: 1) Convenience-You are taking lessons in the comfort of your home/office. No drive time, no inclement weather concerns! 2) Those with medical challenges can still enjoy the benefits of piano instruction. 3) Great for intermediate/advanced students whose time is at a premium.

Disadvantages: (Please note that these points are more applicable to absolute beginners than to those students who have more experience). 1) No physical contact, i.e., hand and finger positions, for example, cannot be physically adjusted. Proper pedaling technic, if applicable, is more difficult to demonstrate. 2) Teacher notes cannot be entered on your music page. 3) Internet connections maybe compromised. 4) Using the proper fingers on given notes in the music may be compromised.

Equipment needs: Piano or adequate keyboard; Cell phone/iPad/laptop stand upon which your device can be properly angled and positioned for a clear image of keys and hands; instruction book.

Software format: Zoom (a solid internet connection is a must!)

Here are few additional FAQ’s that customers have been asking about this program:

How much of an investment is it to start online lessons?

If you have a piano (as opposed to a keyboard) the biggest investment is taken care of. Just make sure the instrument is working properly (i.e. the keys are working properly and the instrument is in tune).

I’m too old for lessons! I think that if I take lessons, one–on-one would work best for me, right?

To this I say, the biggest challenge my adult students have is the discipline to practice on a regular basis. The class is in a webinar style format, so you won’t think that everyone is smarter than you and “getting it” and leaving you behind. It will be as if you are taking lessons all by yourself. The class pace will be relaxing, no rush, with plenty of examples of what you need to prepare to be ready for the next lesson. We will follow a prescribed number of songs/pages per session, so you will be (gently) forced to move along and hopefully, this will be motivation enough to practice.

I don’t have a keyboard, what kind should I get?

Keyboards you may purchase from the big box stores for example, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, etc.) are usually not adequate for serious piano study, meaning anything under $100 is an absolute waste of money. Keyboards starting in the $400 to $650 price range is for serious beginning piano study. Necessary accessories such as a good pedal; a sturdy keyboard stand; and an adequate bench can add another $200 or so to the overall cost (upon request, info can be shared with regard to selecting a keyboard).

Can I start with a smaller investment to see if piano is for me?

You most certainly can start with the cheaper keyboards, just realize the path to excellence cost and these keyboards limit how far you can progress. All the piano techniques you will be taught cannot be executed with the cheaper keyboards. A great analogy is teaching a child to play basketball and providing them with a tennis ball for practice.

Piano online lessons have most of the advantages of one-on-one except that the class consists of a minimum of 3 students and the tuition as well as class length is different.

Lessons are 45 minutes in length once per week and an additional 15 minutes are set aside for Q&A for a total of 1 hour of lesson time. Also as an upgrade, 15 minute individual sessions may be added, (arranged between student and instructor) so that a student, if needed, can perform for the instructor in private.

Start Date: The tentative start date will be in November (a free 60 minute demo will be announced and will occur in November). 

If you think this approach appeals to you, you may also give us a call (757-244-8466) and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have with regard to piano lessons online.

Tuition: $89/month for an hour lesson/week; $102/month for the upgrade.

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